Thursday, October 20, 2016

Session 1: Beliefs

Individual teachers' beliefs about the experiences related to teaching and learning impact on the way they teach.

Aim: Reflect on own beliefs and practices within a community of learners
No learning occurs in a vacuum We construct meaning personally and uniquely, building on our prior knowledge, feelings and engaging within the context of our current learning environment.

We will be using the Concentric Circle Model to explore our own beliefs and values and to discuss commonalities for the group.

This session will also give you a brief introduction to the IB and its history. You will be able to highlight the links between the various aspects of the PYP on the diagram as we cover them.

Finally in this session we will be establishing essential agreements for the workshop using the PYP attitudes. These are the dispositions which are expressions of fundamental values, beliefs and feelings about learning, the environment and people.
Refer to Making the PYP Happen page 24

Our Essential Agreements:

  • Understand everyone's uniqueness
  • We will co-operate by leading and following
  • Encourage each other to creatively share, motivate and learn from one another
  • Appreciate everyone's perception
  • We demonstrate tolerance through active listening and open-mindedness
  • We will respectfully listen to points of view
  • We will ask questions
  • We build confidence through encouragement and acceptance of failure
  • We will be committed towards our learning throughout our course
  • We will enthusiastically participate in all activities
  • Maintain a high level of integrity and mutual respect in our classroom in regards to our professional and personal beliefs


  1. This activity really gave an insight on how to use Attitudes in a classroom set up.

  2. This activity really gave an insight on how to use Attitudes in a classroom set up.

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