Saturday, October 15, 2016

Session 5: The Five Essential Elements

The five essential elements resonate throughout the entire curriculum

In this session we will explore the essential elements using the Jigsaw strategy.

Our Tweets about the 5 Essential Elements:
  • Knowledge is acquired through inquiry driven by conceptual questions.  Skills and attitudes are applied to take action to enhance the lives of others.
  • Intentionally designing authentic learning to drive global inquirers.
  • The essential elements ensure the synthesis in the planning, teaching and learning processes.  The student combines knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action.
  • All essential elements are interdependent ... if you want to teach a concept you need knowledge, skills, attitudes and action.
  • PYP Curriculum transcends beyond time and place, balancing knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and action, bringing the world to our known backyard where the whole school community participate as one.
Research Skills Continuum from KG to Grade 5


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