Monday, October 17, 2016

Session 3: The Learner Profile

The Learner Profile is the expression of the PYP and contributes to being an international person.

In the PYP, the school’s curriculum includes all those student activities, academic and non-academic, for which the school takes responsibility, since they all have an impact on student learning.

What do we want our students to be?
Diamond ranking in table groups.

Persuasive presentation with visuals on which attribute of the Learner Profile is most important to international mindedness - within a school, within a class and within a subject area.

Our Visuals

from Making the PYP Happen

What, then, is a PYP school? It is a school that, regardless of location, size or constitution, strives towards developing an internationally minded person. What is an internationally minded person? It is a person who demonstrates the attributes of the IB learner profile.

This is the kind of student we hope will graduate from a PYP school, the kind of student who, in the struggle to establish a personal set of values, will be laying the foundation upon which international-mindedness will develop and flourish.

The school promotes international-mindedness on the part of the adults and the students in the school community.

The school provides students with opportunities for learning about issues that have local, national and global significance, leading to an understanding of human commonalities.

To summarize, when seeking evidence of international-mindedness in PYP schools, teachers need to look at what the students are learning, how they are demonstrating that learning, and how to nurture students within the school community. They need to consider whether students are making connections between life in school, life at home and life in the world. By helping students make these connections and see that learning is connected to life, a strong foundation for future learning is established. In striving to make it happen, and in looking for indicators of success, teachers, principals and/or heads of schools need to look everywhere, since all aspects of the school, from overarching philosophy through to policies and their ensuing practices, will reflect either the presence or the absence of a sensitivity to the special nature of PYP schools.

Think-Pair-Share with someone from your school: How does the IB Mission Statement compare with your own school's mission statement?

Bus Stop Activity
What can a school do to promote the Learner Profile attributes and what would that look like?

Reflection and Action - please add comments to the blog later.
Reflect on the Learner Profile and yourself - which attributes are well developed and which are challenging for you?  What can you do to develop these during the course of the workshop?  How does your school develop international mindedness.  What will change on your return to school?


  1. I believe I am a balanced and open-minded learner. I like to think about things from multiple perspectives. This makes me balanced because I mix things up. I acknowledge the different strengths of my students and try to teach in different ways. Recognizing multiple perspectives also allows me to have an open mind. It gives me reason to constantly "seek to improve." I find it hard to be a risk-taker at times. I think this is because I overanalyze the different perspectives in every situation. Sometimes I want to try something new, but I don't want to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. I think this workshop will allow me to feel more confident and knowledgable in the PYP which will help me take risks in my teaching practices. It's easier to try something new if I know that it's supported.

  2. I believe that in the broader view we all are communicators but if I had to give a learner profile for myself I think I would be open minded and caring. Open minded since I am planning the different learning engagements and caring since at the lower elementary level we have to show lot of love and care to the students to facilitate understanding amongst them and build a strong bond with them. Through this workshop I am looking forward to gather more thinking tools that can be used effectively in the classroom and become a thinker and reflective by reflecting on the understanding gained.
    Anjali Rathi

  3. My most well developed attributes are being open-minded, caring and reflective. I come from two different cultures and grew up in a very multi-cultural environment, so I feel that I am always bridging different viewpoints to try and reach understanding for all involved. My brain is reflective in the sense that it likes to synthesize new information and draw connections between concepts. The attributes I think I can work on and improve are being a risk-taker, balanced and a thinker. During the workshop I think I can work on taking risks by speaking up when I normally would wait for others to speak first. I can remain balanced by engaging as many different people and viewpoints as I can. As an educator I think it will benefit me to intentionally spend time thinking about the concepts we are discussing and how I will implement these in my classroom. While my school definitely celebrates international mindedness and is inclusive of this in a variety of materials, I want to focus on bringing specific examples into provocations for the students in Creative Arts.

  4. Thinker, Communicator and Reflective are the Profiles that I can attribute to myself. I am an open minded learner and after this workshop I want to gather more knowledge about using the learner profiles, key concepts, essential elements in a classroom setup. I want to focus on learning how to differentiate in a classroom set up. This session has made me reflect on the strategies and my teaching methods. By the end of the Three days I will be able to gather answers to my question and have a clearer perspective on IB Mission.

  5. When I think of myself, I strongly believe I am an inquirer at heart. I would also consider myself to be caring, open-minded, and a risk-taker.

    At one point in life, I was more balanced and reflective; however, I feel those have become more challenging in the last couple of year due to a number of things, one of which is a job with non-stop demands. I have appreciated having this workshop because it gives me 3 days away from my everyday work requirements and allows me to focus on one specific goal/task. I am not trying to multi-task between 4-6 major "to-do" requirements. I can reflect on what I am doing throughout the workout as well as at the end.

    When looking at international mindedness, my school (the elementary campus) could use a bit of improving. While we accept diversity and understand the importance of being international mindful, we don't embed/teaching this in our daily activities/lessons. Through our modeling we represent what this should look and sound like; however, we are still falling short.

  6. I feel I am an open minded, reflective learner who enjoys thinking deeply about information that is significant to me. I'm not sure that I'm much of an inquirer, honestly. I am rather bookish and enjoy getting information in package format, and then using it as I wish. I try to be knowledgable about the world around me but this is a challenge in such a complex and interesting world!
    This session has reinforced the importance of working to bring about all of these profiles in my students. While I might defend some as more important than others, I do believe they are all beautiful aspects to being a Learner.
    My school definitely embodies international mindedness. However, I see room in my own classroom to expose students to events and experiences in cultures that our student body doesn't represent and current events that I feel will make them more knowledgable about the world around them.

  7. I am an inquirer. I enjoy learning about things that are new and would learn by exploration. I love learning and this is what helps me to go a step further everyday to get more knowledgable either by books or experience.I am open minded to try new things or may be try the same things in different styles.
    This session supports my teaching and learning to know how every profile in itself is important and why we look at them when we teach. It helped me to look at the learner profile in a different light, rather than just reading it, which gave me a clear vision of how every learner will have one of these profile and how we can tweak the others within them.

  8. I am an Open-minded person. I understand, accept, and appreciate others' perspectives, values and beliefs with a open heart and mind. I believe my desire to learn throughout my life, has developed me as an Inquirer.
    As being a introvert person in my personal life, I find it challenging for myself, to present my ideas within a large group, however I prefer to communicate my views and ideas through other ways. Also , I believe in working collaboratively.
    Also , I would like to be reflective to my teaching and learning styles( which I have started from the first day of the workshop itself).
    So when I return to school, I would plan my unit in a true Inquiry manner, rather than just focussing the thematic manner.

  9. As I reflect on which learner profile attributes are best developed in me, I believe I am a risk-taker, caring, reflective and inquirer. I never thought of myself as a risk-taker, but I am as I strive to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new experiences and learn new things. I care very deeply about people and I make efforts to put my caring into action by volunteering my time and resources for others. As I have become older, I have found myself becoming more reflective in my personal and professional life..maybe it's a sign of my age, but hopefully I'm gaining wisdom. And finally, I am an inquirer. As an educator, I am constantly learning and applying new learning theory and strategies, and I guess it is another reason why I consider myself a life-long learner.
    The learner profile attributes that is challenging for me is balanced. For years I have been striving to achieve balance in my professional and personal life. I believe I wear too many hats and all too often I realize I'm off balance. Reflection is the key to help me keep balanced...but I still need to learn strategies to keep myself balanced.

    Heather Burns

  10. I am a communicator. I enjoy spreading my knowledge to others through my dance and drama skills, also I'm open minded I try to learn different dance styles with lot of positive attitudes also I can see myself as a risk taker by making and attempting new task for myself. I think these learner profiles are really gonna help me to make my lessons more creative and meaningful.
    When it comes to International mindedness my school is really follow and celebrate International mindedness by giving them lot of opportunities in every aspect.

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  12. Balance is a concept and a lifestyle I hold dear. In all areas of my life, both professional and emotional, I yearn for Balance. The epitome of Balance, to me, is being able to hold a handstand. I'm still trying, and when I get up there I realise it's because I've replaced FEAR with TRUST. I believe this also fits into the learner profile. Once the learner turns fear into trust, the inquiry begins...

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